About Us

Empowering Customers in an Exploding e-commerce market

Discovering the power of email in a social Age

Owned Media is more important than ever in an increasingly fast changing online landscape

Rise to the top

Small Beginnings

Marsta Digital began in 2019 when a friend who ran an E-Commerce store was struggling to retain, upsell customers and generally provide a sustainable income in the home of one day leaving their day job, knowing I was a Digital Marketer and had been so for over 5 years, reached out to me for help.

I saw that he would send the occasional “newsletter” (if we can call it that) to his audience and was getting NOTHING in return, so I implemented an email marketing program so they could spend time on other areas of their business and what happened was extraordinary.

Their sales went up by 20% and this increase in sales has remained consistent and grown proportionally to their business! I soon noticed that many other shopify/online store owners also had little to no email marketing present and if they did, it was far from optimized.

There are 500,000+ Shopify stores out there and even more online stores that you have to compete against!

Converting previous customers into brand loyals and advocates for your store will not only dramatically increase profits, but keep you secure financially for years to come in a crazy, fast changing online environment that leaves many returning to their day job after failure.

Business Transformation

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Other things about us

We are based in Sydney, Australia. But we work with customers Australia-wide

This varies depending on the exact services you require and the size of the work required. 

But you can start for as little as $99 for your first month to prove ourselves to you!

We provide everything related to Email Marketing including: 

  • Automation/Flows 
  • Sales Funnels 
  • Brand Building 
  • List Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Customer List Building 
  • End to End Email Marketing Strategy

We work with E-Commerce brands who are already making $5000/month in revenue, email marketing gets stronger the larger your business is, this means that some existing traffic is required.